1967-1978 Indonesia- Holland

1967 From Indonesia to Holland

I young when we moved from my hometown in Indonesia to Jakarta. It took us almost 2 days to get from Jakarta to Amsterdam, including 9 layovers. The fact that it takes 14 hours nowadays, proofs how times have changed.

1973 High school at St.Maartens College Voorburg

St Maartens ollege was a catholic high school for boys and girls. Everyday a had to cycle 30 km to get to school. The climate differences between Indonesia and Holland were difficult to adjust but one managed. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, geography and languages Dutch & Englisch took up a lot of time and there was little to complain about.

1973-1978 H.T.S University of Rijswijk (The Hague)

I studied mechanical engineering & Business Administration specialized in water treatment because i like the multiple possibilities of usage. You can use it for heating or cooling, engergy gain , drinking and food processing. With my gained knowlegde I wanted to return to my homecountry Indonesia to make a contribution for my country.