1987-1992-1996 Asia-Europe-America

We had 3 factories in different locations. From this point we started to work out our logistic know-how, which shifted our market from importer/wholesaler to the big retail stores like Carrefour, Metro, Obi and Ikea.

Aurora & Andre furniture 1990:

We started to use different materials for our collection, we used teak, mahogany, pine wood, and fiber. This has brought our product range into a big selection. Our market ranged all the way from the outdoor patio, to indoor living space, dining room, bedroom and kitchen – all this made our company grow. At this point we started to have our own sales office in America (Los Angeles).

Aurora Furniture & K.T.H. Sales office & ILVA shop 1989:

We started with our own sales office in Holland (Rijswijk), to sell our product we went to several of different furniture shows across Europe. Our turnover went up each year by 100%.

Aurora Furniture 1987:

Aurora & Andre furniture 1992:

After I worked in the engineering company I decided to start my own company in Indonesia (Cirebon), we just started from scratch. I went to the forest to see how the rattan grows, compared the disadvantage and the advantage to use this material for furniture, and the process of how to bend it.