1996-2000 Asia-Europe-America


Aurora furniture 2000:

After 13 years it was time for me to make a change in my life. I believed that another person can take over. I gained a lot of experience, in cultural differences, logistics in the way the product needs to be produced, and to be delivered; financing, customer service, R&D, and added value of products. In my many years one thing became clear to me: how to be focussed and to be tolerant – it’s people business.

Aurora Furniture 1996:

We have achieved most of our goals, the company was in good shape at this period. Given some political crises we made some reasonable losses, though we made some big profits as well. In this period we learned that if we can divide, we can also multiply.

Aurora Furniture 1992 – 1996:

I had to learn to see TOP DOWN and BOTTOM UP: In our company people with less education have learned due to trial and error. We have given them the chance to learn, we have payed them to make mistakes, and we have learned from them to improve ourselves and the company’s outcome.