2013-2015 Rice up & Onigiri Sales

…is the first company in Europe to produce & establish the Japanese cult-snack ‘Onigiri’ in Germany. Our Onigiri-robot is able to produce up to 1500 pieces of wrapped, organic and fully certified Onigiri per hour. We sell them in
the first Onigiri-shop in Kreuzberg.


Management & Founders: Thorsten Reuter and Arev Karpert

Through extensive traveling Reuter and Karpert
came up with the idea of a healthy alternative to the
german culture of bakeries and wheat.

  • January the founders off Rice-up Gmbh: Thorsten & Arev made the introduction at our business angel club 
  • July 2013 Mr Peter Pankoke and myself made a visibility study about this company, after which we decided to work with the corporation.
  •  Until now we are supporting this company with another company Onigirisales Gmbh. Step by step we achieve our goals.
  • Try out our Onigiri!
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