1978-1987 Holland-Indonesia

Aqua poor 1982 – 1987:


This company belonged to the Steel company Hoogovens group in Ijmuiden, Holland. During the processing of steel, they needed water to cool down the metal. Therefore this company specializes in water treatment. I was part of this company for 5 years. I started as a construction engineer, and was promoted after 2 years to be project engineer. During this time they sent me to Saudi Arabia. My responsibilities were to distribute the water for the main hospital project, and Indonesia.


Engineering GBR.Rotterdam 1978 – 1982:

This is the engineering company from the government of Rotterdam. As I was working for them, we were facing the oil crises. I was lucky to become a young engineer to join the team for the energy saver project program.  As a construction engineer I was part of a team of engineers, that were responsible for heating and air-conditioning. Our goal was to develop energy saving equipment – such as condensers, to transform heat from the air outlet to the water system. This technology can then be used in the heating system produce indoor heat in winter time.