2020 Container Living

Creating a Sustainable, flexible living environment where functionality meets urban design.

The Problem

While technology enables many people to work from anywhere, we need new solutions for employers and employees to foster community, collegiality, and corporate culture.
Lack of communication and relationships between coworkers, combating loneliness from working from home, and coping with the new work-life situation have become major challenges for remote workers and organizations.
We are on a mission to challenge the rigid structures that prevent us from integrating work into our personal lives in a more natural way.

The Solution

Container living is a progressive vision of what work-life could be: people-centered, more natural, more flexible.
Container living is a membership-based co-working retreat in the middle of nature for companies, colleagues, friends and families, where work can be seamlessly combined with our personal needs -Learn, Connect, Play- to achieve a higher quality of life. Container living also offers parents workations outside of the regular school holidays, while their children can study under the guidance of our teacher at the Treehouse Academy.
In addition to our urban workplaces – a shrunk headquarters, home office, and co-working places around every corner – Container living is your go-to hub in nature. Away from the noise, Container living accelerates collaboration, team spirit and intimacy, and promotes imagination, creativity, focus and renewal of energy. Container living offers memorable stays in sustainable cabins, combined with inspiring work-learn-play community experiences on demand.
Container living is a place where work-life is fluid and where you bring your family, friends and dog to work.